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Memory Loss

Learned Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# minor op. 3 no. 2, then didn't play it for a year and a half. Rendition done on a 49 key keyboard, much too small for the original work.
Not really sure if this qualifies as a sketch considering the large time frame.

“And I am often sorry I wrote it. I can never, never escape from a concert hall without playing it. It pursues me everywhere. For a long time, I used to try to
escape by playing it as my last encore, only after I had given the audience everything else. But I have given up – it now appears on my regular program.”

“Don’t you think it’s good music?”

“It isn’t bad, only I have written much better music, which is not appreciated half so much. All the time, it is that ‘bells of Moscow thing’ they want. I have a
feeling that the public comes to my concerts only to hear me play that one selection – that they sit through the rest of the concert just waiting for it.”

Failure (Solitaire/previous work remix)(click to download)